Which of the 3d printers are working and what needs to be done

Hi All
Which of the 3d printers are working , what needs to be done to get them working?.
Because i am able to do work during the day while others are at work.

This will also get the space working better and also get the space used more

Crashman 39


For what it’s worth, here’s (I think) the last active thread on the Rostock Getting Rostock printer going again

IIRC I believe the limit switches at the top may need replacement (I think one or more broke at some point, perhaps the limit switch mounts have already been re-printed & replaced?).

My understanding is:
The printr bot works, but only with PLA
The Solidoodle is broken, Declan has taken the extruder barrel and was intending to replace it with aluminium but that failed.
The Rostock, was operational but very hit and miss. despite peoples efforts to calibrate it.
The Huxley, has been abandoned and ever slowly pillaged for parts.

My preference would like to see the Solidoodle back in action, it seemed the most reliable when going. It just suffered a series of unfortunate ‘repair’ efforts after someone jammed it a few months back.
The easiest solution would be just to buy a replacement hot end.

+1 for buying new hotend

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added to tomorrow’s agenda


I have ordered one + faster shipping and will share information as I find out more.
It was $52.83AU total. US $ 17.59 + US $ 17.58 shipping - and I forgot my bank is a jerk and charges ~3% for foreign currency.


It has been shipped,


awesome wil you be putting it in ? and would you like a hand doing it ?


I don’t mind, you can have the honour if you like.

Ok thanks Ian let me know when it arrives


Well today i got the printrbot to work and printed out a test square which wanst that level but due to time contrains I wont be able to look it till tomorrow so I’ll be in again in the morning to Continue work.

I used Cura to get it to work and print.

Also we need to try and sort out what the scrap filament is lieing about on the shelfs:)


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The hot end arrived today and I have dropped it off this evening.


sitting on the printrbot, thanks @ian!

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got it and i will install now

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Thanks Steve! If you have the enthusiasm - pictures of how it goes together would be cool.

ok its installed i had to move the roller over with shims and some photos will be forth coming tonight atm i have to leave:( but i will be back tonight for the wedneswday meetup … and there is some issue with the thernistor and the hot end not heating up so I will trouble shoot tonight .

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Atm I’m getting this error

so i thing we need to reflash the marlin setup for the solidoodle , or does anyone have an idea on how we can fix this ,.

It looks like a thermistor issue

This is the setup atm

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This behaviour suggests that either it really is too cold, or there is a fult in the thermistor circuit.
First try holding the hot end in your hand for a moment - this should be enough to get warm it past the minimum temp cut off on cold mornings. If that doesn’t work find a multi meter and test the various connections. The thermistor should be a 100k ohm type.


ok but i will be away for the next couple of days …sorry guys

but i can have a look at it friday night or if not saturday night