Getting Rostock printer going again

Continuing the discussion from Broke the Rostock?:

I tried the Rostock today and it seems to be almost working.

Took me a while to notice that the endstops at the top were all just ‘floating’ - moving easily on the rods. I’ve moved them right to the top so they can’t move up more during homing. At least one of them is damaged so it can’t be tightened on the rods - they need to be replaced.

There is an intermittent grinding noise. I slightly changed the tightness of the extruder guide wheel and it seemed to stop, but I think it might be one of the drive motors instead. I rotated the Rostock to try to listen to the rear one but the noise didn’t happen again.

Does anyone know if the firmware on the RAMPs board is still the old version mentioned on the wiki? (ping @Ken?) I think the wiki page also needs the hotend details updated:

I did a couple almost ok test prints by the end of the day.