Your feedback needed: MHV social media & overall communications

Thanks to @mon I’ve become aware that our discourse forum software can run polls! Let the reign of unnecessary polling begin :slight_smile: I’m interested in ways that we can improve our communications with members (and potential members). What areas should we improve on? Please answer the following poll and reply with suggestions!

  • Posting of events
  • Posts on member activity
  • Cross-posting redundancy
  • Bring back mailman/email
  • Other (please reply)

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For reference, our actively maintained social presences are at:


WooHoo! Polling is so good! :smiley:

I think posting events on FB is really good, and sometimes reminds me that I need to show up!

It seems that the forum is often a little quiet, I did wonder if we could post a few threads on FB to remind people this part of the space exists.

More posts on member activity/projects is a great idea to showcase what we do.

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I’ve been meaning to run a poll like this for a while, but what prompted today’s polling spree is this data showing that a $27 spend promoting a workshop 21 September actually made our “like” stats go backwards :stuck_out_tongue: So I’m wondering what I did wrong… probably nothing to do with anything in the poll options

I know some of you are just going to say “who cares about FB likes”, but as a data-driven kind of person I’d like to figure out why

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I’d much prefer email lists than Web interfaces.

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