WPS on a ESP8266 or other AP?

This is a follow up question to post about Sony camera control using the ESP8266.

Turns out the multi camera mode of the Sony cameras makes them join whatever network they can find that is currently triggered with WPS Push-Button authentication.

This is really cool for controlling multiple cameras, if they’re all on the same network posting packets to them for control becomes much faster than the alternative of joining each of the networks in turn.

So I’ve tried it on a spare conventional AP I had around that supported WPS push-button and it works.

Given that, does anyone know enough about WPS to know if its going to be possible to implement on an ESP8266 (the SDK supports this as a client, but it needs to be AP in this case.) Or am I better off looking to some sort of portable router solution (which I’d prefer not to.)

Interesting idea.

But without a Button like mine, it’s not easy to put a WPS system on an ESP8266.


By that I take it you’re saying buy adding a button it’s makes implementing a WPS AP on the ESP easy ?

Yes, but I don’t know yet how to do the software. A google search showed some answers but I haven’t read through them.

The software is the problem (which it always is). The stack does not support implementing a WPS AP. What you would be turning up in google is using the ESP as a WPS client which is supported by the stack.

I’ve come to the conclusion after some research that this is in the too hard basket, not worth the effort. It requires specific data to be advertised in the wifi beacons to even initiate it, which using the beacons isn’t documented properly for the ESP.

I am back from a long break and had a look at the esp8266 forums. The recent SDKs include lib/libwps.a and there is sample code at examples/wps.

I also notice that the latest SDK also says about the AT commands:

AT_v0.60 Release Note:
    2. Added command AT+WPS, WPS supported.

Can this help?