Workshop idea - Pocket Joints

So I have just found out that these things exist and think they are really cool. So I am just wondering if anyone in MHV would be interested in running a workshop on them? It wouldn’t need to be long just a basic intro and how they can be used.

Looks very much like what Chris is using in his cabinets. He has specialized jigs for the job. I think he mentioned the brand “kreg”.

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That was how I discovered them :joy:

That is what I’ve been using and I’m more than happy to run a proper workshop on it :slight_smile:
Depending on when people are available I can make it happen later this coming week in tte evening, or next weekend.


Tuesday week would work best for me, I have work stuff all this week. It would also be good if we could advertise it a bit.

I’m happy to do next Tuesday aswell

Sounds good to me, and it’ll give me time to prep everything.