Workshop: C/C++ Programming For Arduino

A, so far, small group is getting together at the Space on Thursday evening around 6.15 to discuss C/C++ Programming For Arduino and Other Things. This is a diverse group ranging from beginners (me) through to people who do, or have done, it for a living. David Lyon has offered to do a short talk on C/C++ for Embedded Devices to get the ball rolling and we’ll probably do pizza. Pizza! Anyone is welcome to attend. If there’s enough interest we’ll do this again and work on a format that suits attendees wanting to learn. There’s a wiki page on what we have in mind (so far) at

At our first session, we looked at some very basic structure and features of C. (Provide by David Lyon)

Learning C and C++ from Pagal Bacha

And Steve’s presentation is here:

We also discussed how a lot of the underlying complexity of the language is “hidden” (but accessible) in the Arduino native implementation. Nevertheless, an understanding of things like data types, memory allocation and encapsulation helps when things start to get complicated.

We agreed we’d get together again, in a few weeks, to see how we can support each other exploring C/C++.

The group will remain a mixture of newbies, explorers and more experienced people while this works.

To all - appreciate the effort here and the sharing of the slides.

Hey y’all,

Just wanted to thank the MHV crew for hosting me last night. Seems like a great resource you have built.

With regard to the Arduino C/C++ workshop, I’m considering grabbing a curriculum from some other well established course. I had intended to take a free online MOOC offered through edX and University of Texas but the timeframe didn’t work for me… when the course was offered I was on the road and unconnected,

The course is hands on, self directed, but strongly improved by local peer support. If anyone would like to crunch through this along with me, let me know. I would certainly benefit from it. Intro video makes it look like the next greatest thing and the course reviews are pretty good [for a MOOC].

It would be helpful to hear what some of the gurus think of their suggested hardware/architecture; they used the ARM Cortex M.

ps… I’m going to order my parts soon; if anyone wants to partake in a bulk order, let me know.

Hi Jac,
I did that course last time around, highly recommend it.

Have converted my slides to PDF. Is there some way to easily share these via the MHV website/forum?

We didn’t have Discourse configured to allow pdf uploads and there are size limits. New users don’t have access to upload images or files until they’ve used the forum for a while (or ask for someone to increase it manually).

I’ve increased your access and added pdf to the valid file extensions, so you should be able to now, depending on how big your pdf is.

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I enjoyed it. I thought having multiple presenters made it better.

There’s also doing C/C++ for Raspberry-Pi/Linux if anybody would be interested in that.

Actually, these days, C/C++ hasn’t gone away and it still forms the basis of much of the software that people use on a daily basis.

There’s more that could be presented such as C++ frameworks, test-frameworks under C++ and I even came across a new debugger for gnu - cgdb.

Hopefully we can do it again sometime soon.

Thanks Brenda. I have uploaded the slides as a media resource.

We didn’t set an exact date last week although 2 weeks was mentioned. Would people be interested in meeting again Thursday 28th?

The 28th is good for me at this stage.

Ok - Let’s do it on the 28th again!

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SO, I guess we meet tonight. I will be there

Hi all,
slides have been added to the Wiki.

Next meet up 6:15 Thurs Sep 11, see you then.

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I’ve added that date & time to the MHV Calendar.

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I’ll open the space at around 6.00 tomorrow (Thursday) night for this workshop.

I hope everyone has done their homework. It would be a pity to start the session by handing out detentions. :smile:

The next - and probably final - session in the “Beginners” series will be on Thursday 25 September, 6.15pm to (around) 8.15. The last set of slides and a brief update have been added to the wiki page at

I’ll open the space around 6.00pm tomorrow (25 Sep) for the workshop. This is likely to be the final one in this series. After this we’ll probably integrate with Electronic Wednesdays.

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