Who would like to chip in for the electrical work?

We’ve got a verbal quote to fix the lights and add two (double point) 10A outlets in the garage. It comes to $350. We’d like to ask for hanging points over the worktable and also (probably) the desk, that would be extra.

Please write below or message privately if you prefer what you can chip in :slight_smile:

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I can put in $50. Is bank transfer the best option to deliver money?

Things I have on the list from the meeting on the weekend we wanted to get quotes from the electrician for:

  • Lights in main workshop
  • General safety of whole space
  • Power points in back office don’t work at all
  • 2x Hanging powerpoints in workshop, 1 above benches, 1 above tables
  • 1x DGPO in welding room
  • 1x DGPO behind soldering bench
  • 1x DGPO near fire extinguisher near TV
  • 1x DGPO in main workshop near front left storeroom
  • Aircon in lounge not working?

Happy to chip in, but are we able to get a quote for all the works?

I’min for $50 aswell

I’ll chip in $50…

@jambulance embarrassingly, the power points in the back office were tested to work fine. I’m under the impression some safety items were tested on the walk around with @Paul_Buckley (Eg. RCDs).

Fixing the lights in the main workshop is part of the $350.

Items not part of the $350 are: soldering bench DGPO, DGPO in welding room, aircon, hanging powerpoints.

The additional work is likely to more than double the quote. I don’t have the electrician’s contact details.

I would be happy to contribute.

Argh. Why don’t I get any notifications from this forum?

I’ll chip in, and I’m the one with the contact details for Aaron, the electrician. Paul, message me and I’ll send them through.

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