We're commissioning George Rose to paint another mural for us

Those of you who have been around since the Downer Business park days will remember MaHaVo, the giant robot mural that was on the wall behind the soldering bench. The artist, George Rose, is back in town again in December and the association has got a quote from her to paint the L shaped wall that you first see when you enter the space to continue the work we’ve been doing to liven up the place and make it feel more hackerspacey.

The wall’s currently hidden behind the desk that doesn’t get much use beyond the spaceprobe and rfid checking box, we’ll work out something better for holding those core infrastructure bits possibly including some welding. :wink:

She going to sketch up some ideas soon and I’ll be sure to get them posted.


Hai folks, Here’s some of the inspiration George has been collecting: http://www.pinterest.com/georgeroselives/make-hack-void/

The two covers which have a ‘damzel’ motif to them have already been questioned, George said they are there because she likes the pose in the first one and the second had a nice framing using colour.