Wemos D1 Mini working with a BME280

Hi All
Down here in wonderful Cooma atm , working on one of my Projects , like Kens weather Station but only using the BME280 unit (temp humid, and HPa) no screen and just sending updates to my thingspeak channel.

The prob is the I2c bus pull ups , Kens had his I2c bus using D3,D4 which had pull ups built in.
Just trying to work out which way to go , EG: use D3,D4 with the pull ups built in or D1, D2(which are the proper pins for the I2c bus and just put the 4k7 resistors to Vcc (3.3v)

any ideas?

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I forget the details but I thought internal pullups are available for most pins using the usual ‘mode’ API. You using lua or arduino?