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hello System - can I set up to receive an email alert of posts? Maybe with a filter to tailor the alert in some ay??

in hope

Hello @Michael, at the bottom of the page when you are reading posts there is a “Tracking” button that lets you control whether or not you are tracking that conversation.

Then in your “preferences” which you can access under your icon in the top right there is an email section where you setup what you want to be emailed about, and directly below it a ‘Tracking’ option in “Other” that lets you say when to start tracking topics.

Please ask if you have any other questions :smile:

I looked for it and could not find it: how do I send a private message to a member? I was unable to locate the “help” button on the forum, where is it? A link to the discourse doco can be of help too, the link to discourse.org did not offer it but it does mention “Private Messaging” so I hoped to use it.


Hello Eyal, I think you need to accumulate a certain number of interactions/posts before you can private-message someone. This is to prevent spammers clogging up the PM function. It seems your account has been manually upgraded to allow this. Let me know here if you still can’t use the private messaging function

I have changed the site settings so that new users are trusted much more quickly. We can easily turn the requirements up again if the spammers notice.

Hello, I’m building a tramway, no not light rail, in my backyard and I’m considering using 3D printing to make detail parts but of course really don’t know where to start. I was looking at membership but I’m on a war veterans pension so its out of the question…
If you have a squizz at my blog you can see what techniques I currently use…

Welcome to our community @tramcartrev!

Membership of MHV is by donation. You can choose to donate any amount of money per month!

That’s a very cool tramway you currently have :smile:

In terms of 3D printing, we do have a couple of 3D printers at MHV for use by members, though they do require a bit of care to get a successful print.

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I’ll probably need a bit of hand holding to get into 3D printing, I know just enough about it to be dangerous… Currently I make a lot of my components by making a master then mass producing via a RTV mould… But as what’s his name once said "every journey starts with a single step"
But what interests me here is that I like to be around radical free thinkers who can think laterally…