We’ve made a mess! (In the pursuit of iterative betterment)

Hey All,
Ben and I (with help from others) have begun clearing out the “CNC Room” so we can progress the building of the new bench for the lasers, 3D printers, and what have you.

This mess is temporary for the next three or so weeks while we chip away at it.


Great work guys! Sorry I couldn’t be there. I’ll help next week.

We didn’t get much more than vacuuming done last week, but we’ve made progress this week.

The soldering desk is now on the other side of the room. @Chris_woodworker is going to shorten the book shelf that was over the 3D printer, and we’re going to stick it on top of the soldering desk. We’re also going to start cutting some boxes similar to the standard components boxes on the laser and begin sorting through the components.

We plan to cut drawer inserts on the laser too which will hopefully keep the drawers neat (with things having a place to go back to when they are no longer in use).

Thank you everyone, for bearing with us while we make a mess to clean a mess!


We have put the hutch on the bench.