Upstairs lock not working properly - any locksmiths?

I thought I wasn’t going to be able to open today - took a lot of trying to open the upstairs door.

Unless someone is going to install a different lock straight away, we need to report it to the ACTPG as an urgent repair I think. Probably should have been reported after it sprung itself locked.

Does anyone know enough about locks to have a look at making sure it doesn’t jam completely?



I actually put in a maintenance request last week. I might have forgotten to tell the committee about that :frowning:

It should be fixed sometime this week.

Those of you who are keyholders will be be pleased to know that the lock upstairs has been fixed today and now opens and locks easily. It shouldn’t do it’s self locking trick anymore either.

I think we should replace the tumblers with ones that work with the same key as the other doors. I’ve kept the number of the locksmith that came today, and he estimates about $45 per tumbler plus a call out fee. We could even leave the inside tumbler using the secure key if we wanted - so 1 tumbler for that door and also the flyscreen (not sure if that is 1 or 2?).

Does anyone have the skills to do this for MHV instead of getting it done?