UAV Workshop

Hi everyone!

CanberraUAV are planning to run a UAV workshop early next year at MHV. Unlike previous workshops, this won’t be a build/fix-your-own-quadcopter workshop; rather a detailed look at some of the technologies we use in our (open-source) UAV’s.

The aim of the workshop would be to educate people on how to understand, use and extend some of the technologies we use in CanberraUAV.

We’ll conduct the workshop for both Windows and Linux users, with no previous experience or knowledge required :slight_smile:

The specific details are:
Date: 10am-5pm Sat 4th Feb.

Topics and timings:
Autopilot (APM): 10am-12pm
Ground Station: 1pm-3pm
Communications: 3pm-5pm

I’m still working on a detailed agenda - I should have one in the next couple of weeks.


Well i would like to attend and is there a price for the course ?

The course is free :slight_smile:

The signup sheet for the (free) CanberraUAV Workshop is now active:

Anyone who’s interested in coming - add your name to the signup sheet an we’ll see you there!

Time - 9am-5pm Saturday 4th Feb (though you are welcome to come and go throughout the day)
Venue - MakeHackVoid (17 Tucana St, Giralang, Canberra)

Topics covered:
-Flight Controllers (Ardupilot)
-Ground Stations

Full details are on the signup sheet.

With thanks to @csirac2_, we’ve cleaned up the space for the workshop this weekend. We’ve got 16 people coming along so should be a good crowd!


Thanks to everyone who came for the workshop today! We managed to fit 17 people into MHV :slight_smile:

For those interested, the full presentation (with corrections!) is available from

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