TV Mounting Bracket

Hi All,

I don’t have a photo, but @Jriyuu has donated his old(ish) large TV screen to the space. It was mounted on his wall and doesn’t come with a stand - so we’ll need to acquire a mounting bracket - I’m thinking just inside the door of the workshop area, near the tables, would be a good spot - that way we can use it for workshops etc in that space. Added benefit is this will hide the stubborn graffiti.

I’ll post some photos tomorrow night when I’m in (assuming I don’t forget again).



The hole pattern seems like a standard VESA 200mm/8 inches, FWIW.

This is on clearance sale at Jaycar:

at that price seems like a good plan.

Problem is that is doesn’t swing out - I was thinking it would be good to get one that could swing around to “address” the table.

Since I rarely attend workshops and am selfish, I might suggest that we swap the TVs. Mount the big one in the living area and then the smaller one can sit on the workshop table or a small wheely table.
I was also thinking it’d be cool if we had some game nights at the space, and it’d be really easy to move the small TV back in the living area for a night for possible system linking.

But yes, I’m biased. :slight_smile:

I’m keen to see it service workshops; although I realize we’ve had only a few the last year, perhaps we just need to make sure it’s “portable” when needed (it’s be nice if it’s not too much effort to take off the mount for both walls).