Turning off the Breakers

This is starting to sound like an audio log from System Shock, but until we manage to get power usage under control could everyone make sure to turn off the breakers before leaving the space?

Coincidentally, please remember to turn on the breakers when you get to the space every day as well. Don’t want anyone playing around in the dark.
I’ve left a diagram inside the breaker box (to the immediate left of you when you enter the space) with a list of breakers to leave on constantly, and breakers that you shouldn’t turn on when entering the space.
I’ll post a pic here next time I’m in the space, I’ll also just draw dots on each of the breakers to make things easier, rather than the current diagram.
One colour, leave on all the time. Another? Turn off every time you leave. Third to never turn on (I might just put a cover over those), finally, perhaps one to leave on if someone’s running a 3D print?

I’d appreciate it if we could do this at least until I can get the keys to the meter box and do more concrete testing. If we can leave power off for the better part of July, that should give us some better answers.
Might try and see if we have a power meter as well, if not buy one. I doubt everything plugged in combined would be drawing more than 1kWh a day. It’d still be good to check.

You want to turn them on and off every time??? What if somebody is gonna forget to turn on-off??

Then someone will walk in to the space with the breakers already on?
This is hardly a problem.
The breakers are right at the front door as you walk in, it’s not particularly difficult to flip them.
Considering how much we’re paying for electricity, spending four members monthly donations on the utilities bill alone, if there is something in the space constantly drawing power then it’s in our best interests to keep it offline for as much as possible until it can be identified and found.

We dont need to turn them off ,only leave the hot water off