Tuesday show and tell, February 19th

We will be having a show and tell night!

Starting at 7pm, members can informally present projects or things they have done. Presentation will have 5 minutes, followed by a question or two. If there is enough interest we may also order pizza so bring $10 if your hungry (~ half a pizza each). Everyone is welcome to present or just listen.

The space will be available for general making as normal, but please limit loud noise, fumes etc during presentations and eating.


Is there a rough schedule to when these are run? I won’t make this one, but I’d be great to make the next and see what people have been up to.


Not a fixed schedule, I have been trying for around the middle of each month +/- a week or so - depending on what else is happening.


Hi Derryn,
welcome back.

FYI Electronics Wednesday group is still meeting regularly Weds @6:30.

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Thanks Stephen, I’m not quite back yet, will be this time next month. I’ll be sure to drop by when I am though.


So far on next weeks show and tell: I’ll officially show the Salmon Ladder off. I may try to attempt to climb 1 step but no promises…its hard. I have however invited a bunch of climbers who are keen for the challenge. So this might be a good time to see someone actually climb to the top!

Also Ryan might show some cut stuff with the laser cutter. If not, I’ll bring a design that we can see him cut live.

Ian usually brings something as well so should be a good one! Come on down!


Planning to be there :slight_smile: