Tuesday night was great and shout outs to the people being excellent

I just wanted to drop in and say how great the space felt last night and give a few shout outs. Shout out to the excellent folk upstairs working away on laptops fixing up bits of our infrastructure and doing their own projects. Shout out to the excellent folk who cleaned out the upstairs fridge, dealt with the exploded cans & the shelving problem and restocked the soft drinks. Shout out to the excellent people downstairs in the little garage working on props, answering questions and helping each other. Shout out to the excellent people in the big garage doing newbie induction and to the excellent people discussing the theory and practice of electric bicycles.

Last night I managed to integrate the LED Uplighting control script with the spaceprobe’s status so when the space is open the lights are on and when it’s closed they are off. So a big shout out to Saham and Brenda for moving that project’s wheel barrow just that little bit further by getting my little dmx.py script working on Aspirin. Collaborating is great and definitely Excellent.

After everyone left the Fairfax journo who is planning on writing a Feature story on MHV for the Canberra Times showed up (after putting his kids to bed). You’all need to stick around longer so I don’t look like the lone nutter in the hackerspace playing the LEDs on my own (Club-Mate will be returning to the hackerspace in the next few months which will help!). He’s coming back and bringing a photographer with him on Thursday night at 8 (I’ll be putting a Space Opening post up after this one) to talk more and get some photos. I hope some of you can be in the space building on your projects or more stuff for the space.

Things were a little more ad-hoc than my idea of the ‘Community Meeting’ or ‘Tuesday Thing’ that is currently in the calendar for the non-Maker-Meetup Tuesday nights which meant that only the interesting/obvious problems got tackled. There are a few admin things that need doing, but if we get more nights like last night I think we’ll be able to progress those admin tasks with the surplus energy.

For those that were there, how did it work for you? My position is very subjective; I’m keen to hear how it was for others and if any of you spotted People Being Excellent that I missed.


Agreed, it was a good night!

I would have stayed later but was falling asleep. So Club-Mate will help my attendance…