Things that need doing at MHV

Opening today, I’ve noticed a few things that need doing:

  1. painting over graffiti :cry:
  2. red vacuum’s beater isn’t turning - so that it doesn’t work to vacuum carpet - should we replace it or can someone fix it?
  3. The windows on the lake side need cleaning (this one is difficult!)
  4. Table downstairs needs wiping down now that it is clear

I’m going to try turning this into a different type of post - a ‘wiki’ post - which should let other people edit it. Please take items off the list when you do them, or add items to the list that you notice need doing.

I will fix the screen, probably on Saturday afternoon. Jack.

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I’ll be happy to attempt the window cleaning.

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I will join batau in the window cleaning team.

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seems like updating the ‘wiki’ post doesn’t bring the topic back to the top of the list. I’ve updated it - found that the vacuum upstairs doesn’t work properly which makes doing the carpet hard.

Red vacuum has a slipped belt, it needs to be replaced. The belt was rubbing against the plastic casing which is where some of the burning smell was coming from.

Photo of the damage:

Can someone please volunteer to get replacement belt & fit it?

I didn’t write down the make/model of the red vacuum cleaner :frowning:

If someone can get that information I should be able to hunt down the replacement part.