The Taz 5 is down for maint

Hi All
the 3d printer is down for the moment under going maint

Curious what’s wrong with it, if we need parts, and if there’s an ETA on it going back online?

Yes there are parts needed it is in hand please leave it alone.

Please do not use taz 5 3d printer it has not been fixed yet.

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Can we get an update on this?
It seems to be fixed, however I’ll assume, until further notice, that it’s still being tested and is not yet available.

I believe that @crashman39 and, forgive me - I’ve never been formally introduced, his offsider (is it Paul?) were running some final tests last night / tonight and then it should be good to go

Ryan …the community will be advised when the taz is back online …

The printer is still down please do not use.

Hello Everyone,

After a wee bit of tinkering with leveling the bed and playing with the temp settings. Happy to announce the Taz 3d Printer is back online.

To help with getting the best prints possible and ensure the bed surface is kept in a useable condiion, here are a few notes regarding print settings:
Use the Esun ABS Grey material setting - (Bed Temp 115degC, hotend 235degC, Use a Brim)
Let prints cool to 50deg Celsiius prior to print removal. DO NOT use any implements or tools to
remove prints from the bed.
Use Isopropyl alchohol and wipe bed with a microfibre cloth to remove dust and debris prior to


Great work Paul !!!