Sunday, 13/10

Would anybody be around this Sunday to open the space for a few hours either late morning or lunchtime? For some going over of machinery and possibly brainstorming shop improvement ideas.


For those who haven’t had the pleasure to meet Chris, he’s a cabinet maker whose interested in volunteering his skills to help us improve the space.

I love this and think any member that’s been here a while should make an effort to come and join the discussion.

I’d very happy to open the space on Sunday Chris. How’s 10.30am? (The classic “I’m lazy but still want to force myself out at a decent time” time. :sweat_smile:)

How long do you think we’ll stick around?

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10:30 would be perfect, and I can probably be around till mid afternoon

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Great see you then!

Hey Chris, mind if we do it 11.30 instead? My brother pounced a last minute chore on me.

That’s no problem at all, I’ll see you then.