Sun server available to take away

The machine that was called ‘Morphia’ is now excess. It is a Sun Fire V40Z, 8x Opteron CPUs and 56Gb RAM. It was last used at the Downer space, and was giving quite a lot of memory errors. Free to a good home :smile:

This is some old config information:

SCSI backplane removed, SATA PCI-X card added. Has 2x 250Gb SATA HDDs (RAID1 mirror w/ Linux software RAID.), plus a single 500Gb SATA HDD for incremental backups. Boots partition on a USB stick, kexec chainloaded from a CD-ROM, due to BIOS limitations (awful hack but works fine now.)

I’d like to reformat the 250Gb drives before they are taken away though.

who would like to take it?

Performs passable auditory imitations of a jumbo jet.

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