SSL certificate on wiki has expired

Looks like the ssl certificate on the MHV wiki and main website has expired (17 days ago?)… Anyone got time to get and install a new certificate? I think we had agreed that buying one this time made sense.

Is it good to have ssl on forum and as well?

ping @devdsp, @jambulance, @csirac2_



I use RapidSSL to generate certs for a lot of community groups. Happy to install one for the group but I would need a root access account, and a payment method (credit card). $49 for the domain or $199 for a wildcard cert that will cover the domain and unlimited subdomains. That’s an annual charge. Others may know of cheaper options.

Probably worth getting a wildcard then :smile:
I bought one recently got my domain, and it wasn’t that much. I have a RapidSSL cert, but I think I bought it through a reseller - I’l look through my receipts and get back to the forum.

Looks like I used this site:
It’s a RapidSSL wildcard cert for $109 ($100 cheaper than buying from Rapid direct (bulk buy deals I guess)).

It's prob 100$ cheaper because they don't want to deal with the customer service and related headaches so they fob it off to the resellers cheap for them to deal with it :-)

Wild card is definitely a good idea and would make it worth evaluating a multi-year certificate then it would save having to sort out this problem next year.

From memory you need an email on the domain, access to the DNS records (or am I getting my wires crossed) etc to prove ownership/control of the domain, note ymmv

Can't remember if it's access to like webmaster@blah or whether it's the domain contacts like tech, admin or billing contact.

Happy SSLing (glad I don't do that anymore for a bread)

I believe you need access to the webmaster@ address - and from memory, at least with this reseller, you can’t change where it goes.

Easy enough to install, and I’m happy to do it; but I can’t fund the cert until Thursday.

I’d suggest not going for a multi-year certificate, as Mozilla and the EFF are launching Let’s Encrypt in 2015. Once Let’s Encrypt is available I think it would be a far better option for what MHV needs, plus it’s free. A one year cert will tide MHV over 'till then.

I’d like to progress this - can I help by paying for the certificate? I think we need a one year wildcard certificate, making sure it is one that we can revoke if we need to.

I’d be happy to meet at MHV sometime this weekend to sort it out.

We’ll need to setup / get access to the webmaster@ address; even if just temporarily.

webmaster currently goes to me and @devdsp, so I’ll get anything sent to that.

@brenda and I made progress on this tonight - we’ll likely finish it off tomorrow night during the Tuesday opening :smile:

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Thanks @brenda and @jambulance for getting members, the wiki and the public website all setup with the new keys and encrypted by default.

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Still need to get the forums working on ssl - but that’s just a matter of time. Worse case I’ll get it working tomorrow night at the meeting :slight_smile:

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