Space probe not working

Not quite sure who to tell or how to troubble shoot it so I thought I would mention it hear

Has anyone tried checking on the vodafone credit?

It was at $0. I have recharged it. Please reboot the gateway computer at the space if it doesn’t fix things by itself.

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Is that the computer above the 3d printer? If so I will do it on Tuesday

Yep that’s the one. Occasionally I have to reboot the VPN service as well, so let me know. Cheers :slight_smile:

Has the server been rebooted?

Sort of; it was not as simple as fix as that

Well its getting out to the net atm

Not one to leave an itch unscratched, I rebooted the machine (CtrlAltDel). It came up (*) and the wireless is visible (I can connect to this a/p) but no internet access.

(*) POST said the backup battery is low…

Actually, I do not see any notification on twitter.

I will try to get out there this weekend. The NIC will have a different MAC address after @Rurik transplanted the hard drive into a PC that’s not dead, so it may require some config tweaks.

If anyone would like creds on this machine please let me know.