Space openings over holidays

I’m removing our openings for next week from the various calendars

If anyone is planning on opening up please let me know and I’ll put it out there

@tpack any thoughts on when the next Tuesday opening would be?

Thanks Paul,

I’m thinking 3rd week Jan - so 16th.

What do you think about giving calendar permissions to all space openers?

I’d also like to get the web site working- so that we have multiple people who can edit… Priority would be to simply info about opening time - only one source of truth! That could be copied to other channels…

All the best for the Xmas break and the new year to you and yours!

Thanks, Tony

Tony Pack
Mob: 0407742737

Keyholders are already supposed to have calendar access - perhaps we need to audit this and make sure everyone does.

Originally we tried to make the google calendar the source of truth, and there was a bit of automation that @devdsp did which I’ve been meaning to resurrect since the Great VM Crash of early 2016. We should investigate IFTTT and friends to push out automatically to twitter/FB/forum/meetup. I’ve just been dragging my feet because most of these things don’t seem to allow edits, but I need to stop being fussy

And the space probe… I need @devdsp’s help on how the MQTT broker works :smiley: I can’t see anything that would create a listener on the MQTT port that the probe tries to connect to, I’m missing something simple

@csirac2_, mqtt is usually straight forward. You just start the server (broker) (e.g. mosquitto) and clients then PUBlish and SUBscribe. Are you familiar with how the space probe works though? The broker itself just passes messages around, something else is pushing it to twitter (or wherever it goes).

If you plan to be at the space (when I am available) then I can pop in and have a look.


I guess the problem is I could only find a thing that looked like an MQTT client. Nothing that would bind and listen on the port the probe is reaching out on.

But it’s likely I just got myself confused.

I’ll let you know if I get some time at the space this week.

Hi Paul
Can you move the wednesdays to start on the 10th of january

Please thanks

I just had another look and I think they were already cancelled starting up again 10 January, let me know if you saw something I missed :smiley:

Hello @eyal, I’ll be at the space tonight - feel free to drop in if you’re able, @devdsp’s code is at

@csirac2_, I will drop in around 7pm today.

[later] Had a look at the repo.
Did you check that both mosquitto (broker) and (controller) are running?

The scripts (sketch and controller) expect the broker to run on IP, any chance the server IP changed?

I think the plan was to decouple the sending to twitter etc from the function of the probe - simply have it SUB (for lights etc) and PUB and other scripts could/were be written to SUB to the announcements and send to twitter etc

Ah, that’s probably the problem, I’m pretty sure only is trying to run.

I see doing everything, however it is written in a way that makes it straight forward to split into two scripts. What is the benefit of doing so though?

OT: why is the text marked as a link to ?