Space Opening: Tonight (Oct 26) from 7:30, general chill + cleanup

Hi all, I’ll be opening the space tonight from 7:30 PM onwards, I’d forgotten that I was supposed to clean out one of the back rooms so I’ll chip away at that for a few hours, feel free to show up and work on whatever you want.

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There’s tons more junk here than I realized, so I’ll keep working on it 'till I crash.
And this has cemented my option on the matter, we either need a shipping container or a garbage skip. I’m tempted enough as it is to order a container to be delivered this weekend, but I’ll restrain myself for the time being.

This isn’t the half of it. When there’s this much utter trash crammed into such a small space, that space becomes unusable.
If we want to chuck it, sure, but I’ve come across so much stuff that people thought was thrown out in the last big cleanup, I’m thinking people are having attachment issues.

There’s no point even putting 90% of this stuff back in the corner room next to the welding bay, so much is just scrap metal (and I’m not talking about the literal scrap metal). Things need to be marked for disposal, and not put back in that room as shorthand for being marked for disposal, because there’s so much other stuff that also needs to go back somewhere, but I don’t think people want to get rid of. Hence, container.

Something of a garage sale soon might be a good idea, shift half of this stuff to take up space in OTHER people’s garage’s.

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At the risk of sounding like I have attachment issues; I think we should keep raw/spare/scrap materials around albeit in a tidier way. It’s useful to have an idea, and be able to grab a piece of something and begin on it without having to go to Bunnings et al to buy material.

etc etc…

Heading downstairs for a coffee now… I think my inability to string words together well is trying to tell me something…


Wow wish I saw this earlier. I would’ve tried to make it. I was planning on doing some of that today 3-6. Hope you had help!

Did someone forward to you my email Ryan? I didn’t have your email and just thought I’d mention it to you when I saw you next. I suggested putting the welding bay where all that metal was and put all that metal in the spare room. That way that room can be just for raw materials.

I plan on tying alot of that metal stuff with zipties to make it easier to handle.

I agree with Jamie that having raw materials is crazy handy. Shipping container right now should be out of the question (moneywise). We can look into a $200ish option like a shed maybe. Or perhaps we can build something ourselves? A “roof” for the bricks next to the garden? And getting rid of all the tables there?

I can’t make Tuesday nights for the next 6 weeks unfortunately. When are you next in the space?

EDIT: There’s still a lot of junk we can chuck though

I have been pondering the idea of some sort of shed made from reclaimed pallets in the bricked in area. I wouldn’t need to be water tight or secure just an enclosed space to make the area look neat.

I think it would work well if we used it to house storage solutions similar to this.

For the record, the welding bay is currently where it is because it was easiest to cordon off with the curtains.
Not trying to be Grumpy Old Man Telling The Kids How It Is™, just wanted to share the thoughts behind it’s current location.

I made a (not horrible, but not great) attempt at a rolling cart for tools. I think it got chucked ;p
All for this idea though in the new workshop layout it maybe makes more sense.

I think in theory the Welding bay was a great choice (and could still be) but with the space the way it is and has been, the welding bay has been almost unusable/very hard to work with. And the amounts of time someone whose welding is around others has been very minimal.

We need empty space around the welding table. This emptiness is a bit wasted in the storage room (if you actually kept it empty). This standing area would be easier to maintain in the workshop.

EDIT: Not to mention its a pain to get power in that room.

So much to respond to, good heavens.

There’s nothing wrong with having a good amount of scrap around, and I found quite a substantial amount of really good, brand new aluminium extrusions among other things. However, they were buried under so much junk that I only found them after 20 minutes of removing stuff.
I’m fine with “Sort and store”, but we need somewhere to store, and right now the welding bay’s full of stuff, the lockers are all (or were) blocked with stuff, the room next to the welding bay is currently the “To be chucked unless someone claims it” pile, I think removing junk should be priority number one for the time being, and I’ll post my ideas about that soon. Regardless, trash needs to go, and we don’t have anywhere to put it.

Amr_Tawfik, I’ll check my emails in a bit and get back to you. For the record, it’s ryan.mitchell (you know what goes here), or velleity (same deal) Remember that .au.

As for the shipping container, I’m literally talking about me personally just buying one, with my own money, and leaving it at the space (on the condition that if I leave the space, or the space closes, I take the container with me).
“I can’t make Tuesday nights for the next 6 weeks unfortunately. When are you next in the space?”
If that’s directed at me, then later tonight, Wednesday, Thursday etc.

As for the welding bay, I think it’s going to be important from now on to give the space a layout that outright prevents people just chucking junk wherever. It’s why I moved some of the shelves around on Friday, yes we loose some storage density (in exchange for more floorspace), but we need to design the space around the idea that if something isn’t physically restricted, someone’s gonna do it.
Maybe move the shelves back where they were, and replace the now free space with MORE shelves, fine, but leaving dead space for people to leave stuff with the trust that “They’ll use it neatly!” just gets us a four square meter pile of scrap metal that would fit vertically in one, yet no-one ever cleans up into that one.

Chuck junk into the non-existent dumpster or skip, then worry about fines.

And I like the shipping container idea, because it would give us a place to put labeled property (All that scrap wood blocking the lockers and filling the welding bay) without outright throwing it to the weather.

The enthusiasm is awesome, and with a little discussion and coordination I think we can tackle the workshop layout and contents together.

Some of the major aspects of the workshop are

  • working space
  • benches
  • welding space
  • tools
  • safety gear
  • materials and parts
  • project storage
  • shelfs / draws
  • standing tools(drill press, table saw etc)

We updated Tony’s drawing with new items in the workshop and played with some layouts


  • Creates a shielded section for welding
  • Central tables
  • Materials (metal & wood), consumables (paint, glue etc), and misc parts in side rooms,
  • project storage in lockers


  • opens up the room a little,
  • standing tools near the roller door,
  • welding table top right of workshop


  • kind of a mix of both above,
  • welding has shielded area
  • extra shelfs / draws moved to materials rooms
  • safety equipment and tools together and accessible on left of workshop
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I was just doing some reading and it looks like if we are going to put a shipping container in for more than twelve months it needs to be approved. So before anyone runs out and gets anything we probably need to go through the process. Also I think there is probably the need for a discussion about something so large being lent to the community. It is a generous offer however I think that it would be prudent for an asset so large to have an MOU between MHV and the benefactor before anything is commited to stop any potential problems in the future.

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I know, and I wouldn’t go ahead and do something like that without prior discussion.
It’s just an incredibly lazy short-term solution to a long-term problem, and I’m struggling to think of any other options.
The next committee meeting can’t come soon enough.

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@RyRyPrime et al. I’ll be in the space tonight. No locked in plans, so happy to move stuff around/clean up/etc…
@Rurik is planning to be in to when I spoke to him yesterday.

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