Space Monthly Betterment Fund - November

For those unaware, a resolution at the AGM passed where we would start a monthly space betterment fund of $250. This is to show to our members that we are committed in working on the space and are happy to spend money on it. Each month we’ll create this post and you can make suggestions on things you’d like to help the space. We are also open to spending more than the $250 so we’re open to any ideas.

In order for approval you will need 2 committee members to agree to the spending.


  • “The space needs cordless powertools. I suggest these ones from this place. It’ll cost $XX.”
  • “I’d like to buy LEDs to hang in this room. I’ll get these ones and It’ll cost $XX”

So go right ahead and start posting things! And remember we can spend more so don’t be afraid to suggest something.

NOTE: $150 of this monthly space betterment fund has already been allocated to the planter boxes project. Approved in person by Steve, Paul, and Jamie on 9/11/2019.


@Chris_woodworker is going to get the blades of the Jointer sharpened. He says it’ll be around $50.
@Rurik, @crashman39, @Paul, and I have said go ahead :slight_smile:

The materials for the planter boxes have been purchased.

$50 left in this months allocation


@sjdavies has asked for $50 for two new probes for the oscilloscope. @Chris_woodworker and @Rurik have approved this.

Novembers allocation is all spent.

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