Space Monthly Betterment Fund - January

Back to $250 for January.

I’ll start off with suggesting we finally get cordless drills and drivers. We’ve been umming and ahhing about it for a while and I think we should just start simple and small. We don’t need to get every single wireless tool. Just start with what we need/would use very much: Drill and driver.

I reckon we have 3 options:

  • Ozito: Looks to be the cheapest by far: $100 for drill+driver+1 battery+charger.

  • Ryobi: We already have a Ryobi reciprocating saw so perhaps we stick to this battery system. Far more expensive though. $179 Just a driver + 2 batteries+charger

  • We also do have a small wireless drill kit already but the battery seems to be dead from lack of use. So perhaps we see what brand this is and get that running with new batteries and a driver?

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I just dropping in when I’m in town these days, so take my suggestion as just that.

Personally these days I think it’s well worth the small amount more to get the brushless version of whatever system is chosen (IIRC the Ozito drill was $20 more). Particularly for a drill or impact driver. The extra power and battery economy I believe is well worth the additional cost.


I’d second that Amr, but I think a few of us should get together to list out the options and pricing, because there are quite a few these days.

As a second note I’d like to request a new clamp, maybe two depending on out budgeting(each clamp would be between 5
$30-70 depending on size)


So we just had a drill and driver donated. I set the batteries to charge last night. It might be easiest for the short term to just buy new batteries for these ones if they’re dead. The drill is Ryobi the driver was something else I can’t remember.

@crashman39 has proposed we buy 20 dvi to hdmi cables for the monitor library.

@jambulance and myself have OKed it.

We spent $52.20 on it.


So the drill that was donated was a Ryobi Impact drill. But the battery seems dead.

Now I understand everyone has the brand they want to push for us to expand on. But currently we have a Ryobi impact drill and a Ryobi reciprocating saw. Both of which are currently useless without working batteries.

So I propose, just as we would replace a broken saw blade, we buy at least 1 battery to make these oporational.

I’m happy to second that, and pick one up on Saturday if necessary.

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I am more than fine with buying a ryobi battery or two. However do we want to print one of these to make sure the tools work? I have an xfinity battery or two and I would like to make sure the tools work before we spend a $150 on a battery.

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I have a 2 amp and a 4 amp xfinity batteries so we have plenty to test :slight_smile: