Solidoodle down!

An extruder piece needs to be re-printed; it’s broken. Ben from ANU Make Club kindly offered to help @mon troubleshoot tonight, and left some hand-written notes near the printer.

The piece involves a small bearing that appears to roll against the filament, which has broken away… I’m not using sufficient vocabulary here, hopefully a 3D person knows what I’m talking about and can fix/reprint :slight_smile:

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The plot thickens, as well as the extruder block (“The piece involves a small bearing”) fatiguing, the extruder is likely still blocked.

Yesterday quickly before more people turned up, I removed the barrel and drilled out the stuck filament with a 1.5mm drill bit. It removed some of the plastic, but may not have removed the actual source of the blockage - likely close to the nozzle. I so I assume its still blocked. I was due elsewhere so I kind of dumped it on @mon and left.

In the process I damaged the guide at the top of the barrel so the filament has to travel a gap from where it leaves the printed bracket, to where it enters the 6mm bolt that leads to the nozzle.

When I screwed everything back together it seemed like the current extruder block would hold for a little while longer, so I didn’t make a point of it.


  • If the extruder block broke more last night then a new one will need to printed (with 100% infill if you please).
  • A new guide, needs to be crafted and attached.
  • The 6mm bolt if probably still blocked and needs: to be removed, maybe re drilled, and left soaking in Acetone - by whoever is at the space next.
  • The nozzle could also benefit from an Acetone soak.
  • Later: use a pipe cleaner if handy on the 6mm bolt before
    reassembling everything.
  • If not already done, The next print job should be a replacement Extruder
    block. - Can anyone post the location of the model?

Note: when disassembling it,be careful break temp sensor which is taped to the nozzle. If grabbing it the nozzle with pliers or something it would be easy to put pressure on the temp sensor and crush it. - Its made of glass.


Solidoodle :angry:

Thanks for the detailed explanation Ian. Unfortunately when I went to do the first print last night it went ahead and did some engraving on the metal bed, so I wonder if that’s what broke it :pensive:

When I get back to the space I’ll check out the notes that the ANU makers left. Hopefully solidoodle can print again (it’s urgently needed part of course ;))

Declan has cleaned up the nozzle from the head crash incident :slight_smile: We’re just having trouble getting a decent print out of the PrintrBot…


We’re having problems getting the PrintrBot to stop warping extruder-base.stl though, but Declan has definitely cleared the nozzle now, we can see daylight through that tiny hole :slight_smile:

The Solidoodle is printing again.
Whoever wants to use it next will need to calibrate the z height.

There is a spare set of extuder parts for when this happens again.


YAY! :smiley: Awesome work!