Soft Box Fitting Broken

Hello My name Is Justin Ray

I saw you guys for the First time at the CAP Expo. I have a soft box light. Thing is the aluminium screw point is broken hoping to make a few replacements would love to talk to someone that could take on this challenge. Also I have three pictures that are in need of hanging up. thing is it needs landowner approval want to talk to some one that could work out a way that is perfectly acceptable to hang them up. I look forward to seeing your suggestions I may pop over to the electrics session tonight.

Hi Justin, welcome to the Forum!
I’d need to see the box light itself to make any meaningful comment, however, for hanging picture frames, I’d recommend "“Command” picture hooks, they have an adhesive 3M backing that, through a pulltab, can be disabled and removed from the wall.
I’ve managed tenants in a rental property before, this is what they’ve used and it’s never caused any issues.
If the paint’s rather old, it may have trouble sticking, but cleaning the area with a damp cloth and then drying it should get you good adhesion.
If the property has REALLy old paint, or there is a large amount of moisture in the walls, it can pull the paint off entirely. This can be avoided, or the chance of it happening reduced, by using multiple hooks per picture frame and spreading the load as wide as you can.
If the pulltab removal fails, you can use 100% isopropyl alcohol to dissolve the adhesive without damaging the paint.
I’ve never met another landlord that wasn’t happy with command tabs, other than people ripping the tabs themselves off the wall, damaging the paint.
Most landlords understand you want to customise the space you’re renting, and command hooks are a good middle ground.

Anyway, Welcome to the Space, and hopefully I’ll see you some time tonight.