Social night

If I was to organise a social night one Friday would people be interested in comeing along? I would see it working along the lines of having a BBQ, having a few brews and having a bit of a show and tell of a project or two?

I am happy to organise it if people are willing to come along so please chime in with yes brillent or naa not really good for it.


I should add that it would be about $10 for food and drinks but there will be plenty of both.

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That sounds awesome.
I will be there.

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This is a good idea.

I’ll ask the same question hear as I did on Facebook. Is next Friday for this to soon? It should we go Friday week?

The dates would be the 16/2 or the 23/2

23rd would be better

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I also vote for 23rd.
Do you need help organising/doing?

All right it will be the 23/2. I will put out some more details when I work them out. @ian and @eyal if you guys could show and tell the clock that would be awesome. Happy to workshop it with you guys if you want the help. If someone is better at salads than me that would be handy if they can help.

All the details for the night you can find hear{"ref"%3A"3"%2C"action_history"%3A"null"}&aref=3

If you don’t Facebook but want to come along just RSVP in this thred so I know how much food to buy

RSVP 1 bla bla bla


I will be there.

I will be there - a big thanks for organising.

Thanks all for coming, it was a good night and was nice to meet some other people from MHV. I will look at doing something again some time in April. Might look at doing Saturday Morning Brunch type of thing?