SES Exercise at the space - Thurs 13th - Key needed

Hi All,

Brenda got in touch with me a few weeks ago asking if we (the Belconnen SES) could help out with cleaning the windows on the lake side of the space. We are hoping to run this on Thursday, along with some training for our new recruits on the lower roof. Would we be able to get someone to come and unlock the gate for us that night at ~1900-1930?

I can’t guarantee we will actually be able to clean the windows, they’re in a really tricky spot so we’ll be deciding on the night if we can do it safely.

You can contact me on 0405132521 or {username}


As a fallback plan, I will be on that side of town and can unlock the gates at about 6pm, then come back at about 9pm.

I will be occupied during that time though, so if anyone else can take care of the SES I would really appreciate it!

Thanks Alex, Jack has offered to come and open things up for us, so hopefully we’ll be good to go.