Request to borrow: OpAmp

This might be a long shot - does anyone have an OPAMP on a breakout board (able to connect with jumper wires) which I could borrow?

Many thanks

I have some $5 dual LM358 opamps. I think already setup on PCB ready to use as is, and gain up to 100. My link to data no longer works.

They are a bit buried ATM, but let me know if interested. Also I am without transport until late this arvo, more likely evening. I am in Page. PM me if you want arrange collection.

Am happy to provide opamp(s), breadboard, wires, power supply and test gear.

What exactly are you trying to do?

This is all to do with data acquisition for the project we were discussing the other night. I have a piezo sensor - connected to a 12bit high speed ADC - connected to the Spartan6. However there is not enough sensitivity, it’s probably only reading voltages high enough for 3 of the 12 bits of the ADC, I’m looking to add an OpAmp to amplify the signal to the full (5V) range of the ADC, I’m really only interested in observing wave-forms accurately (in relative amplitude and time) not measuring voltage accurately.

Spanner - thanks for the offer but I’ll go through Steve because I may need a few ancillary bits to plumb it all together (since all my stuff is still overseas).

Steve - I’ll send you my details to your email

Thanks all