REMINDER: CAP Expo Tomorrow! Saturday, 4th of May!

Just a reminder that Make Hack Void will be attending the CAP Expo tomorrow at the Former Transport Depot, 21 Wentworth Avenue, Kingston.
All members are welcome to join us, feel free to bring any projects you’d like to show off to the general public if you feel so inclined.
The event starts at 11AM and goes till 4PM, with a couple hours setup and packup on either side.
If you only wanna drop in for a little while, that’s perfectly fine.

I recognize that some members only heard about the expo recently, and that had they known earlier they’d probably have prepared something, which I guess is a shortfall in communications that we’ll have to work on in the future, but don’t feel that you can’t show something unless it’s totally polished and perfect, if you’ve got old projects that your proud of there’s nothing to say you can’t bring them.
Anyway, all the best.


We are able to take a couple of power boards, but there are loading concerns by the organizers.
The power boards may have ro be tagged and tested

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