Quadcopter Workshop Parts

Hey all!

I’ve been looking to get back into RC building and found the manual from the manual from 2013 workshop online. The link to the parts list appears to not work.

Would anyone have the original parts list or a recommendation of parts I can look to buy to start out?
Ideally, I would like to the quadcopter for aerial photography, but am open to other beginner aerial photography suggestions.

That list of parts is very outdated and I suspect they’ve not been available for some time. Quadcopter world is very fast paced these days - parts/models being upgraded on an annual basis.

How DIY do you want the copter?

If there’s interest I could possibly put together an updated parts list.


Hey Stephen,

From memory, the workshop used a manufactured frame & parts. Something on a similar DIY level to this is where I’m aiming to start. Would love any advice you can offer on where I can begin.

Cool, I’ll try to come up with a list sometime this week.

If there’s interest, we could possibly do a group build day at MHV…

I would love to but have moved to Sydney since being a member :slightly_frowning_face: