PS3 CFW and updates

It looks like we’ve recently had a PS3 donated, I’ve done some searching and it looks like it’s on hardware and software revisions capable of Custom firmware (allowing for things like emulators, homebrew, otherOS/petiteboot/Linux), so, if there are things we’re interested in, I employee everyone NOT to update the console, or connect it to the internet for the time being.
As it is ostensibly @crashman39’s console, it’s probably up to him to make the final call, but if all else permits I think this can be a fun little project.
(Gotta finish up adding safetys to the laser first, however)

Its was donated to MHV it’s not mine …read the post donated stuff…Donated Stuff.

As to hacking the ps-3 i have no probs.

And yes interlocks first…

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Fantastic, I’ll be doing the interlocks this weekend, so I’ll see if I have time for it after that.

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