Piezo advice

Is there a MHV-guru who could advise? - on the properties of piezo gizmos: looking for a feasible alternative to RF for generating a spark with enough energy to inflict a small burn (on leaf tissue or an aphid’s labium or leg).

With a standard igniter for bbq or gas heater there is a nice spark, but no injury to tissue. I guess it’s because the current is too small, due to a very high resistance of the crystal. Should I look for a crystal with larger surface area that would have lower impedance.

The lighter crystal is only about 4mm2.

Wondering also if the ac of RF is relevant: a dc spark may not be effective, Assuming the piezo gives dc. A surgeon’s cauteriser apparently needs rf in some specific band, I’ve been told.



There are lots of variations on Van de graaf generators & apparently if you want a realy long spark (& burn?), then look up Winshurt generator…from Shanghai hackerspace chat last Monday.