PCB ruler & fundraising

So I found the attached PCB ruler, and was wondering if many people here would buy for $4 or $5 with all but about 50c going to MHV?

Not sure how many can get at that price…but any interest?

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happy to buy one :slight_smile:

Not sure if the design files are out there for it, but the Digikey one is probably the best I’ve put my hands on. It’s got quite a bit of actually useful stuff on it. But it is the full 30cm, so that may make it too expensive to have made.

Interesting, but I was actually being lazy, just saw one particular one for about $A0.5 and immediately popped my idea on forum…prob spurred on by that other fundraising post just before that. Maybe could shop around & find cheaper, or as you suggest get a bulk lot done to our own specs. I had to finish my shopping orders today and so just guessed & ordered 10 of those for now.

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