PCB Design Workshop

I have a reflow oven, so I could run a PCB design workshop as proposed in the Home Automation thread. 0805s should be doable by the layperson, since the oven & surface tension does all the hard work.

I think a design workshop series would go something like this:
Lesson 1:
Intro to KiCAD & discussion of a common goal to achieve

Lesson 2:
Discussion of digital electronics, power conditioning, the STM32 microcontroller and starting to lay out the schematic

Lesson 3:
Continuing to build the schematic, review of designs by the more experienced

Lesson 4:
Laying out the PCB, explain footprints, design rules, net classes. Order components

Lesson 5:
Review of PCB designs & gerber generation. Gerber panelisation & send to fab

Lesson 6:
Generating solder mylar solder stencils (I’ll lasercut these at home)

Lesson 7:
Software design - shared, open source, to run on all boards

Lesson 8:
Applying solder paste, placing components & reflow

Lesson 9:
Flashing the boards, testing, rework


Hi Alastair,
would be great to sit in on this.


Im interested,

I like the sounds of that, definitely with kicad too

Tentative +1 here

A strong YES please and thanks from me!

I am also interested.

:face_with_monocle: definitely interested

Hey Alastair

Eyal, Steve D and me are still really interested in this. Is it still possible? We know you might have another another big event coming, so understand that as well.