Opening today (Sunday 20/Oct/2019)

Hey All,

I’ll be opening the space in about 40 minutes for at least an hour while I work on an agenda for the AGM, and go spelunking in the old server for the twitter credentials.


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@RyRyPrime already made an excellent start on the agenda, so I haven’t needed to do that :slight_smile:

I have shell on the old server (heimdal) and have found the creds and script from the previous probe. @ryryprime what did you have in mind in terms of the probe?
We’ll need to sort some internet for the space again too

For now, just using an ESP to post directly to twitter through its webAPI, to reduce points of failure.
I think this will be easiest as I can get the backup probe working quickly and then use most of the same codebase to get the main probe working.
They could connect to the net through the space’s IoT network for internet, I believe all it’s doing now is handling the weather station.
If not, year long prepaid plans are like $100 and should have enough data/credit to last the whole year.

I’d rather avoid using a middleman like thingspeak or ITTT as that’s just one more thing we’d need accounts for, accounts of which the credentials could get lost. If it’s just an ESP hooking up to twitter directly then if something goes wrong someone can just reflash another. We have the luxury of nice powerful micros that can run twitter clients locally, might as well use them.

If all is well, then all I’ll need to get the new probe running is the consumer key, consumer secret key, the access token, and the secret access token. Hopefully twitter hasn’t changed their API much since it was last set up, but I don’t believe so.

We can either regenerate some tokens with @devdsp’s help, or we can recover the existing ones from the server on Tuesday night :slight_smile:

As for the Agenda, as I could’t find anything from any past years AGM’s (just committee meetings, and they’re structured a little differently), it’s just the previous years minutes edited in a fill-in-the-blanks-as-we-go manner. The AGM’s approaching more rapidly than I was expecting, so I better dig through my notes and throw in any other points I’ve though of in the last while.

I added one today :slight_smile: (If anyone has anything to add, please post on this topic and someone will make sure it’s on the agenda).

edit: removed suggestion to post here, and instead linked to the AGM topic on this forum.