Open source ecology

Hi everyone. I was doing some reading last night and came across this initiative and was wondering if anyone has scene it before?

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Of interest I thought would possibly be the wind turbine that is currently a prototype. Could a micro turbine be erected at HMV and used for experiments or to reduce power bills?

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looks alright to me.

Sort of related, has anyone else noticed all the whacky electronics on youtube?

Would there be any interest in whacky youtube electronics hacking/replications ? (very similar). If not I guess that I’m the only one watching the whacky stuff. :smile:

Right now I’m sitting with my Solar Cells seeing if I can replace a power point or two so as to achieve exactly the same outcomes.

Yeani have had a look at some pritty out there eletronic projects on youtube that have huge applications

Im kind of interested in whole solutions, e.g. solar on its own isnt enough because when the sun isnt shining the power goes away, however with efficient battery systems or other storage methods it becomes very very interesting. Expecially as new generation batteries are beginning to become available.

There’s lots of ones that claim to have big applications. I’d just like to see some of them actually work first.

Even if they don’t, it’s still pretty much fun destroying/recycling old electronics. I find it’s always possible to learn something.

@clixx_io, if you have in mind a good youtube video then drop a link into the FridayTechTalk topic and maybe it will be watched.


lol yes I did watch a Video the other day where a guy was claiming his drone could fly for some ridiculous amount of time and was able to reclaim lost energy. In essence what I really believe he was trying to say as the drone crashed he could keep warm by the fire while he cried him self to sleep because surely he knows that perpetual motion is impossible.

I am keeping an eye out for videos that would suit Fridays most seam to be incredibly short though.

One minute we laugh about it as pie in the sky, next minute somebody facebook solar powered drone actually goes and does it:

Indeed I recall hearing off people attempting something similar with high altitude bloons but rather then solar thsy had built in wind turbines. But in all seriousness imagine the amount of data that the facebook could collect about people over the course of the 180 days airbourn.