October working bee - Saturday 11 October

The October working bee will be Saturday 11 Octobre from
10am to 6pm. You can see what tasks are already on the list and add any
ideas you have on the wiki https://wiki.makehackvoid.com/projects:workingbees and/or sign up on the Facebook event (once @csirac2_ figures out how to facebook)

With the warmer weather we will roll out the BBQ’s for lunch… MHV
will provide sausages and bread for a BBQ lunch. Bring a plate of
something to share if you can to make it a more interesting lunch.

Everyone is welcome - the working bee can be a good way to get
involved in MHV if you’ve never made it along before. Come for the day
or just a short while, all contributions are welcome



With only a few days to go until the working bee we still only have six people who’ve said they can definitely come and 10 who’ve said they might be able to. We really need more of the community to come along and contribute to maintenance and improving MHV, so please come along if you can. Hopefully now we are closer to the weekend more of the “maybe” people know if they are coming or not.

It helps for planing the BBQ if you rsvp on the facebook page or the wiki page:


Very small turn out, just @owencook, @wil5on, @csirac2_ and me. We got most of the basic cleaning done.

Owen has cleared the tables and swept the large garage ready for the line following robots workshop. Paul upgraded the router firmware, and improved security on Asprin so that he could make the space webserver visible to the internet again. This means that the space API is live again and the green ‘open’ sign on our website is working. Lachlan vacuumed upstairs and restocked the chips. I cleaned the kitchen & bathroom.

I’m fed up with organising these working bees and then having more or less the same few people turn up and do the cleaning for the rest of the community. At the working bees when more people turned up, even the people who did some of the ‘monthly’ cleaning got to then work on something more interesting. We need to come up with a different approach to both the regular cleaning and making progress on the ‘improving MHV’ projects. Anyone got any suggestions?

Many thanks for the 4 of you for your efforts :smile:

I really appreciate having the garage swept out for the line following workshop I’ll be running in a few weeks time.

As for the lack of people turning up, we do have quite a small community in Canberra and it does show in situations like this. Might I suggest we scale back our operations and plans to suit the level of membership we have?