October 2014 Training/Workshop Cleanup

Hi All,

At the committee/community meeting last night, it was suggested that we clear out the current workshops’ attendance/interest and invite members to re-express their interest.

This will give us a clearer understanding of which workshops people are still interested in.

Unless there are major objections, I intend to delete any page that has NO interest (attendee or a facilitator) against it by next Friday (7th Nov).

If anyone has questions or comments, or needs help updating the wiki - please feel free to post here or email me and I will help out :slight_smile:


Hi again All,

I’ve archived the workshops that didn’t have anyones name against them; they can still be found on the Workshops page under the heading “Archived”. If you’d like to “un-archive” a workshop, place your name against it, and let me know here (or email) and I can move it back to the active area.


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