Oct 31, 2015 10:00AM: Working Bee

event created by: Jamie Reid

Open for 300.0 minutes, closing at Oct 31, 2015 03:00PM

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Mine and @jriyuu’s plan for the day (assuming he can make it) is to clean up the downstairs workshop and find homes for all the things on the middle table.

It would be good to get some spring cleaning in too.

Perhaps we can arrange for @mon’s idea of the TV/projector to happen also :smile:

If enough people are interested, we’ll do a BBQ lunch like old times :smile:

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I will definitely try to make it, I’m keen to help out with anything that may progress the tv/projector project! :smile:

If the bbq goes ahead I’ll bring some veggie sausages etc too.

Awesome :smile:

We should price some options and prepare a (forgive me) brief/minute/forum post for the committee.

I don’t know about mounting on the metal poles - no idea what’s inside them or even how to go about it, but mounts didn’t seem to expensive when I had a quick look yesterday (~$100).

I’m happy to write up a brief. I had a look around the MHV wiki etc, but couldn’t find a brief template. Do you know of one I could use? Thanks!

Just something informal, a list of options really. Happy to help out, either in person or over email.
I’ll be in the space on Tuesday night, or we can meet up some other time - otherwise, my email is jamie@jre.id.au

Thanks :slight_smile: I will try to make it tomorrow night so we can have a chat.

I have to work at 2pm so I will have to leave around 1pm. maybe I can help with the purchase/setup for lunch? how much do we want to spend? I’m thinking we should do a free lunch and anyone can come and not have to help with the working bee. marketing!

Declan has obtained DOOR GATE THINGS. For FREE :smile:

This reminds me: I don’t think we’ve replaced the fire extinguishers yet.

Hello working bee people, I have some questions.

Will we still be having a BBQ?

Should I bring anything (vacuum cleaner/cleaning stuff etc)?

See you tomorrow :smile:

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It depends on whether we feel it’s worth it. I’m not sure what our threshold for that is :slight_smile: Typically when it’s just a small turnout we’ll go out for lunch or get something in.

I’ll be there for an hour or two but I’ve got my almost-12-month old for the day, so I’ll be of extremely limited use. Happy to be in charge of bringing in the food if we are able to decide what it should be.

Our existing vacuum cleaners are all retired donations, and so if you think you’d rather vacuum the place with your own vacuum cleaner then by all means bring it along!

In theory MHV already has cleaning supplies, in practice we may have to go and buy some once we’ve determined what’s missing.

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It was a productive day! Upstairs is clean, several trailer loads of stuff taken to the tip, downstairs areas have reduced clutter and we have clear workspaces once more! Also one of the 3D printers is finally operational again. Thanks heaps to all who came and brought food, helped run (and clean up) the barbeque - and of course @jambulance for organizing it :slight_smile:

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