Not quite bit coin

It may not be bit coin but the Australian exchange is having a trading game when you can trade $50,000 starting funds on securities following the real behavior of the market with no risk to your self.

For those interested in testing out trading systems, or just curious how the exchange work it might be worth a play.

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I forgot to add the link…


Stock-Markets have themselves been a “Game” for the Rich going back Hundreds if not Thousands of Years.

“Stocks” refers to Cows and Sheep, in Traditional English.

Company Shares and Corporate Growth took over Agri-Stocks and have in many ways peaked.

The Financial Industry needs new “Vehicles”.

The next “Vehicle” that they are all going to jump into is the conversion to true Digital Currencies.

We have a hybrid-digital currency now in the form of the AUD but it’s value is only backed by Police/Military Force. I’m not trying to over-agitate anyone there but that’s how it is.

Digital Currencies aim to be backed by Agreed Value in a Computational Challenge that you can only do with sophisticated Computer Equipment.

The ASX might be introducing it as a game but it is going to be incorporated into their product offerings and Stock Markets all around the World are doing it as well.

New Economy, New Finance, New Bank Speech given by Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England

It’s a common thing that you wanna traid something with bitcoin, than you switch to something that is not bitcoin, and that you going back to Buy Bitcoin on the Binance and see what is going to be in a future.