New User asking about Maker Space Facilities

Hello All,

I’m trying to do a small DIY project, on a budget, but I don’t have all the tools necessary to do the job properly.

Buying the tools myself, when I will probably only use them once, does not make financial sense, and like I said I’m on a budget.

I’m hoping to borrow the use of a few simple tools, on site, from a maker space like yourself. The tools I require are a drill press and drill bits capable of drilling M4 and M5 countersunk holes in 4mm or 5mm thick Aluminium plate and a tap and die capable of cutting a 30mm M5 thread, also in Aluminium.

In all, I’ll need to do 4 taps and drill 20 holes. I can provide drawings of all the work I hope to achieve if you need.

Is this the sort of thing your space can help me with? And if so, when is the most convenient time for me to use your facilities?

Please let me know if you need any additional details.