Mobile Surveillance Robot

Hello all,

I am not sure how many of you have an interest in mobile robots. I had some bits lying around so, decided to put this together. Brains for this is a raspberry pi one. The chassis is an old laser cut platform i ordered online (can’t recall the vendor unfortunately. I have had this one lying around for a long while). Supporting this, I have used a hat known as a Raspirobot V3f to connect the peripheral sensors. These sensors include the following:

two leaf switches mounted on the front chassis:

Mounted on the top via printed pan/tilt (Super Compact Pan Tilt Camera Mount by AtomKemp - Thingiverse)
HC-SR04 Sonar rangefinder
PIR (heat) sensor to detect ‘intruders’
Pi Camera (5GB - the old one).

I am using a spare pololu maestro 12 channel servo controller to controll the pan and tilt. This is done via USB (cant use native serial GPIO as these are used by the Raspirobot hat).

Looking to add power regulation via a buck converter so I can channel some power from the 6xAA power pack to the servos (and maybe some lights),


Well done Paul :grin: