MHV WorkSpace Ideas

Hey Guys,

I put together a cardboard model of the space that Adam has been using for welding.

Wondering if anyone has any contributions/Ideas/criticisms?

Hoping it can be used as a materials storage, painting booth, welding/grinding space.

If all good, I’ll draw up some “detailed” plans and a 3D model.

This way, if people are interested, they can contribute/work on the space as well (community style project approach).

Looks good so far Daniel :slight_smile:

Does anyone have any thoughts on where tools like the drill press, and dropsaw/s, and (when we buy one) the table saw could go?

I think the drill press is suited to the welding space, however table saw is a bit big for in there unless its got a space to be packed away when not in Use.

Can look at this and discuss.