I noticed that the internet was having a sale on .space domains. so I registered the domain for $2

at the moment its just redirected to the twitter page so you can see when the space is open but I was hoping to do more

be cool to see if the space is open. plus when the space is due to be open. plus some way of requesting the space to be open. all on one location

a place for the space

work in progress, suggestions welcome

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I’m glad for the bot, because I found out we have a cool domain available. might be a nice option for space telemetry and live updates.

Keep it simple, perhaps. Just “Is the space currently open?”
“How long for?”
“Next scheduled openings:”

Before anyone invokes xkcd 927, I’d claim it’s irrelevant as we already have the asset.

Throw on all our other mqtt/IoT gear, it could become a nice value add.

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Q: how much and what is xkcd927?

Shouldn’t cost a thing if we already have the website, I have tonnes of free server space from google, and even if all that credit runs out it’s as cheap as $5/month for server space.

As for xkcd 927:

When discussing one central way to notify people when we’re open, we don’t want to create just another method, further fragmenting where people look.
While it’s kinda cheating, because I doubt anyone had used for years until the bot showed up, it’s still an existing asset so using it wouldn’t technically fragment us any further.
(I still think it would be nice to have a site that was just space telemetry/schedules, finding the google calendar on the main site can be somewhat iffy at times)

Well maybe it could be possible that we use it for stuff like the weather and calender