MHV Snack Shop!

Hi MHV people.

I’m super excited to be involved with snack purchasing, along with Eyal.

Is there anything you would like to be able to purchase at the space?

Currently we seem to have small chips, mini chocolates, fizzy drink cans, 2 minute noodles and easy mac.

We could have (subject to demand) other things like fancier drinks/flavoured milk/juice/energy drinks, dried fruits/nuts, muesli bars, gummies, ice cream/icy poles.

I’m happy to cater for dietary requirements too, so please give me some ideas! :slight_smile:



The Dallas makerspace snack shop (found on twitter). If people started eating more we could have something this awesome too! :grinning:

:smiley: Maybe even build a vending machine - but I’m all pie in the sky.

We should order some more Club Mate (and reimburse @devdsp for the last lot too!)


Second Club Mate,

Is there any way healthier items could be sold? … Trying to think what I would do different, I’m not sure. Fruit probably wouldn’t work as it would go off.

Also depending how excited things get it might be worth going to a distributor like

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Thankyou both for your responses! :smiley:

Jamie, I had thought about making a vending machine, I even had a look around on gumtree to find a ‘body’ to start with. I got all excited and wanted it to alert me when something ran out. When I retire I will have time for such grand plans.

Where do we get club mate from? This site says that they only ship to WA/NT and don’t have a stockist in Canberra. Is everyone addicted enough that we need to go wholesale?

Ian, I’m glad you want healthy snacks too! I wanted to get nuts/dried fruit etc, so now I have my mandate. That shop looks awesome, so I hope everyone gets snack obsessed and we get to make an order.

Oh, I just found a post on FB of Adam asking about buying Club Mate - I will ask him what the deal is :slight_smile:

We could still do the Vending Machine! - don’t let me poo poo the idea.

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The website has terrible UX. You might not think it understood your request to put the item in your basket… but it’s probably there.

and again I’m reminded of brmbar and my failed attempt to implement a clone -

Thanks Adam!

Is there a preference for 330ml or 500ml Club Mates? I can’t recall what was ordered last time :beers:

That brmbar is awesome - what an amazing list of stock! Did you try to make a clone for MHV? How far did it get?