MHV picnic in Haig Park, Sun 15 or 22 - thoughts?

Hi friends!

So, as most of you know, Travis and I are exhibiting the pedal-powered snail we’re building during the month of May. We are currently drawing up a program of events.

We thought a cool thing to do, if MHV members want it, would be to run a picnic advertising MHV and explaning how we joined MHV to build the snail. Hopefully, this would attract more potential members and provide some positive promotion. It would be awesome to have members of MHV there, other than us, to talk to prospective interested people. And if no-one comes we can all just hang out! :smiley:

So, we wanted to check two things:

(1) Would you like us to do this? Does it sound like a good idea, is anyone opposed, are you happy for us to publically say that MHV welcomes new members?

(2) If so, what dates suit people? We suggest either Sunday 15th or March or Sunday 22nd of March, from 2-5 pm.

Let me know your thoughts :slight_smile:


Anyone have any interest in coming to a picnic either Sunday?

I brought it up to several of the committee and they all were totally for it. I’ll try and get them organised enough to choose a date :sweat_smile:

I don’t think it’s purely up to the committee to choose date.

I agree it’s a fantastic idea, and like most of the committee (from memory) I’ll make either day.

We need community buy in for this to be successful. So, community, what are your thoughts? What dates can you make?

Amr started a poll for the committee but I’d like to open it up to everyone, here’s the link:

I am keen to be part of it but don’t have the headspace for much more than participation. SO I will go along with whatever the community decides.

Hi all,

Well, it sounds like no-one is opposed which is great! I think the easiest way is for us to set a date: Sun 15th: and whoever can join us to represent MHV would be so welcome.

We will bill it as a lecture about the making of the Snail and use the opportunity to advertise MHV. That way if no-one can make it T and I can still talk about MHV, and if other people can then it’s a great opportunity to meet prospective members. We will bill it as something like this, if this sounds good:

Glebe Park, Sunday 15th, 2-5pm: Join the Snail for a presentation on kinetic sculpture, its global history, and an explanation of how the giant snail was made! Meet the members of MakeHackVoid, the open-access makerspace where the snail was built.


Reminder to anybody who is interested that the snail will be in Glebe Park from 2-5pm this Sunday, the 15th of March. Travis and I would love to see any members of MHV there! Bring a picnic.

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Awesome see you guys there tomorrow.

In case anyone else got confused it’ll be at Glebe Park :slight_smile:

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